Respawn is hiring for a single-player FPS in the Apex Legends universe

Apex Legends universe FPS game

(Otherwise known as the Titanfall universe)

Job listings at Respawn Entertainment point to a “new single-player adventure” in development at the studio, and if you’re a Titanfall fan who is also big into Apex Legends, you might be in luck. The posts describe an “Apex Universe FPS Incubation” project.

“This new single-player title is a developer’s dream playground with a freedom to innovate made possible by the unique universe it inhabits,” according to a job listing for a senior environment artist spotted by Dexerto.

“Our critically acclaimed, multi-platform games have traditionally established a ‘fun comes first’ sensibility created with the notion that great ideas can come from anyone, which allows creativity to shine and individuals to shape the game in meaningful ways.”

Titanfall 3” will probably always be one of those what-if scenarios, so I’m curious if this game will try to scratch that itch at all or take a different direction in this universe. Apex Legends may have the masses, but the Titanfall name still means a lot to fans.

It’s easy to let wishful thinking get the better of us, but it is exciting to think about a single-player FPS from Respawn, with or without major ties to Titanfall. This studio knows how to build a compelling campaign, and with so much energy invested in multiplayer shooters these days, some of us could really go for another solo joint. The key word here, “incubation,” means we’re in for a wait — assuming this game comes to fruition.

Respawn is also hiring an art director to work on a “new IP,” which is also in the incubation phase. Between Apex Legends, new games, and Star Wars, busy times.

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