Resident Evil Village and three more RE games are coming to Switch via cloud

Resident Evil Village Switch cloud

A whole bunch of Resident Evil is coming to the Switch

Nintendo Switch owners will get a chance to check out the modern run of Resident Evil, thanks to the cloud. Resident Evil Village arrives October 28, with three more Resident Evil games coming in 2022, all via the cloud.

The first up is Village, which launches on October 28 and will get the upcoming Winters’ Expansion on December 2. A demo is available now, so you can test out how the cloud processing works for your setup.

Winters’ Expansion adds a new third-person option to Resident Evil Village, as well as a new story following Rose Winters and some new Mercenaries content.

Also coming to the Nintendo Switch via cloud are three more Resident Evil games, all hitting this year. The modern remakes of Resident Evil 2 and will come to Nintendo Switch alongside Resident Evil 7, all available through cloud streaming.

Resident Evil cloud switch

Scary clouds on the horizon

Seeing these games come to Nintendo Switch at all is pretty exciting, though the cloud addendum puts a bit of an asterisk on it. These are some pretty hefty games, and it’s understandable that the Switch alone probably can’t do all the heavy lifting. It’s far from the first game to try it out, either.

But these cloud versions have had a history of being pretty spotty, and in some cases don’t hold up well to comparisons. At the very least, it’s nice that the demo gives players an option to try the current implementation out, and see if it’s the way they want to experience Ethan Winters’ Hand-Slammin’ Holiday Adventure.

Resident Evil Village arrives on the Nintendo Switch via cloud on October 28, 2022. The other three Resident Evil entries will hit the Switch via cloud before year’s end.

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