Resident Evil Village mod calls Leon S. Kennedy back to action

Resident Evil’s finest floppy hair returns

There is this strange contingent of Resident Evil fans who believe any Resi game can be improved simply by adding Resident Evil 2 protagonist Leon S. Kennedy. And by “contingent”, I mean “me”. I believe that So I was stoked to see that one talented Biohazard fan is already getting Raccoon City’s unluckiest cop ready to make his Resident Evil Village debut.

As spotted by Siliconera, PC modder “JTegh” is currently in the process of developing a hack that will not only see Leon set foot in Village‘s grim, snowy, Eastern European hellscape, but they are also aiming to have him star in a third-person capacity. After all, what’s the point of even playing as Leon is you can’t see his camel jacket and John Connor side-parting? The model of Leon was built using his Dead by Daylight character model blended with the head of his Resident Evil 2 remake appearance.

JTegh does note that there are several bugs to contend with — such as Leon’s shoulders going all wraparound whenever he aims down sights — but it’s still fun to see him contend with Lady Dimitrescu and pals — in third-person no less! As for official additions to Resident Evil Village, Capcom has noted its intention to create DLC for the survival horror sequel in the future but is yet to offer any details as to what that will entail, or when it will arrive. So we’ll all just have to sit tight for now.

All these mods and nobody has made a puppet Lady Dimitrescu model swap yet… Such a shame.

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