Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles is lookin’ pretty

So far, I have to admit that Resident Evil; The Darkside Chronicles is looking pretty darn appealing. Between the fact that’s it’s a follow up to Umbrella Chronicles and that it’s on rails … wait. Actually, the on rails part doesn’t sound so good.I’m not really cool with on rails unless I’m playing House of the Dead.

Well, you know what, screw it. These new screens still look really pretty. And Leon and Claire and coming back, and that’s ought to be interesting to say the least. As you all know, I’m a recent Resident Evil convert, but after how much I enjoyed Resident Evil 5, I’m going to be interested in anything new in the series that Capcom decides to put out. And yes, I plan to play through Resident Evil 4 very soon — I know it’s the best thing since God made cupcakes.

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