Resident Evil ReVerse rises from its grave with new PEGI rating

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Comeback time for M.I.A multiplayer title?

Remember Resident Evil ReVerse? Capcom’s multiplayer actioner featuring a mish-mash of characters from survival horror’s foremost universe? Of course you do, it was only in development, like, a year ago. Anyway, it appears that the online shooter — indefinitely delayed back in the summer of 2021 — is finally preparing to resurface.

Eagle-eyed editors at Gematsu noted that the Pan European Game Information board (PEGI) has recently updated its listing for Resident Evil ReVerse on Stadia, unsurprisingly affording the horror-based title an “18” certificate. While the PlayStation, PC, and Xbox editions of ReVerse were rated over a year ago, this Stadia rating is brand new, which suggests that Capcom is ready to get the spin-off title back on track and into the hands of Resident Evil fans the world over.

Originally designed for the series’ 25th anniversary, Resident Evil ReVerse is a revamped and expanded take on faith RE multiplayer mode “Mercenaries.” In ReVerse, up to six players will take up the mantles of several heroes and villains from a variety of Resident Evil releases, including Leon Kennedy, Ada Wong, Claire Redfield, and Jack Baker, before battling it out in a variety of PvP modes. While Capcom has experimented with several playable betas, ReVerse has struggled to find its footing and has faced several delays since these demos dropped.

With the new listing, it seems clear that Resident Evil ReVerse has not been canned, and that the development team is ready to take a new swing at selling the run ‘n’ gun release to the massive Resident Evil playerbase. While the Mercenaries mode is undeniably popular among hardened players, it remains to be seen whether the idea of third-person Resident Evil-based deathmatches will take hold of the survival horror community at large.

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