Resident Evil remake for Wii probably not leaving Japan

If you were looking forward to waggling your way through the original Resident Evil, I have some potentially bad news for you. According to a post on Capcom’s forums, the Wii remake of the classic game does not look like it will be venturing on to consoles outside of Japan.

Chris Svensson, VP of Strategic Planning and Business Development at Capcom, made the post in response to a question as to the necessity that such a port even be made. “In Japan, Zero sold well indicating that many people have never played the title and there is demand for it. This project is a reaction to the sale of Zero,” says Svensson. He goes on to comment, “like Zero, this is Japan only. That could change but that’s the current situation.”

This sits just fine with me. The GameCube port of Resident Evil is not difficult to find anyway and I don’t think we really need any more motion control-enabled ports. Were any of you hoping to get your hands on this?

[Via Joystiq]

Conrad Zimmerman