Resident Evil Heardle is a tricky music challenge even for die-hard fans

Resident Evil Heardle

Think carefully and expect some deep cuts

How well do you know Resident Evil music? Or, more to the point, how well do you know the names of these songs? In the latest video game version of Heardle, we’ve got just a few short seconds of audio clues and have to suss out tracks from the Resident Evil series. It’s playable for free in your browser, so it’s just a matter of remembering to show up.

Resident Evil Heardle was put together by popular survival horror game leaker Dusk Golem, who recently held a Twitter poll leading to its creation — Biohazard beat out a wider “Horror Game Heardle” and a combination Resident Evil / Silent Hill Heardle.

The plan is to have over a thousand songs included, some of which will be “deep cuts.”

Dusk Golem said they might’ve made Resident Evil Heardle “too hard for some of these picks, but at least I can say that it has some picks of official RE music I think most RE fans haven’t even heard. Not all of them are that difficult obviously, but some of them are.”

Every day is a new chance to win or lose — songs swap in at midnight Pacific. Today’s track was immediately bewildering to me, and no amount of guesses would’ve been enough. I didn’t stand a chance! I’m sure some of you will nail it, though.

Resident Evil Heardle
I’m going to be seeing this screen a lot.

Instead of being told I’m “unlucky,” I like that this game just says “You Are Dead.”

If something iconic like the Save Theme from Resident Evil 4 comes up in the rotation, I’ll get it. I know that much. But in terms of Resident Evil spin-offs I barely remember or never even touched, I am not feeling confident at all. I’ll be happy with a streak, period.

We’ve got this, Sonic Heardle, and many others. The daily mind teasers are piling up.

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