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Resident Evil Death Island trailer gets the band back together

But who’s your favorite?

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Legendary anime producer TMS Entertainment has released a new trailer for its upcoming animated movie Resident Evil Death Island, which will see a who’s who of Resi heroes gather together to battle the rotting forces of bio-weapons corporation Umbrella.

The new trailer is something of an exciting moment for fans of Capcom’s survival horror series, as it brings together a party of beloved Resident Evil characters, some of whom will be meeting for the very first time in series history. The preview, which you can check out below, sees Redfield siblings Chris and Claire team up with former R.P.D. officer Leon S. Kennedy, S.T.A.R.S. Bravo team medic Rebecca Chambers, and — the Master of Unlocking herself — Jill Valentine. A pretty exciting team-up for the community, that’s for sure, and one that frankly should have happened as the theme of Resident Evil 4.

It should be noted that the trailer is, putting it mildly, fucking bonkers. Following on from some Tom Cruise-esque motorbike stunt silliness, we see our heroes battle flesh-eating zombies, undead sharks, and T-Virus packing Lickers on a deserted Alcatraz Island. At one point, Chris Redfield casually arms himself with a rocket launcher like it’s nothing, and a hilarious moment sees the team attempt to one-up each other while dodging a mutated tentacle. Silly? Very. Kinda cruddy looking? That too…

The true sequel to Resident Evil 3? Absolutely.

Resident Evil Death Island will premiere in Japan July 7, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has picked up the rights for a western release, and the film is expected to release in North America and Europe later in 2023.

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