Resident Evil 7 speedrunners take a stab at knife-only route

Like a hot knife slicing through butter

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Speedrunners are a talented bunch. Just a few days after Resident Evil 7‘s release, dedicated players managed to complete the survival horror game in under two hours. Now, they’ve done it again, with a knife-only speedrun that clocks in at two hours and two minutes.

Twitch streamer Nasty_Nate_86 holds the current knife-only record in Resident Evil 7. It’s a new category for the game, but a staple of the Resident Evil speedrunning community, where Resident Evil 3, Remake, and others have been completed without firing a single bullet.

Nasty_Nate_86’s speedrun is impressive as hell. He moves with purpose, avoiding as many enemies as possible while grabbing items without any hesitation. The mandatory boss fights, like Jack’s basement brawl (reached in under a half hour!), go by in a flash as Nasty_Nate manipulates their attack patterns with surgical precision.

According to knife-only video’s description, Nasty_Nate_86 believes that with some additional practice, the run will be under two hours in no time. His current world record, he claims, isn’t perfect because of “[a] strange glitch at [the] blue doghead…and fatties at the end.” 

I don’t think this is the last notable Resident Evil 7 speedrun we’ll see. In the three weeks since the game hit store shelves, over 190 runners have submitted a video to Expect some mind-blowingly fast runs soon.

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