Resident Evil 5 for Steam updated with split-screen co-op

resident evil 5 update steam pc

I really, really miss Sheva

Here’s an odd but not unwelcome occurrence, Capcom has quietly updated the Steam/PC edition of its survival horror sequel Resident Evil 5. The new patch, now available to download on the Steam platform, adds split-screen local co-op, removes Games for Windows Live, and stomps a few bugs.

Originally released in 2009, Resident Evil 5 saw former S.T.A.R.S. operative Chris Redfield head out to West Africa, investigating a potential Bio-Organic weapon sale, led by terrorist Ricard Irving. Teamed with BSAA operative Sheva Alomar, the duo soon find that this case goes far deeper than mere weapons sales, and will bring Chris face-to-face with some welcome, and very unwelcome, faces from the past.

He also punches a boulder to death.

This Steam update is a long, long time coming, and the removal of Games for Windows Live support eliminates a frustrating hurdle in playing the game. Of course, the Resident Evil series has long moved forward from its heady, tank-controlled, RE5 days, but for those who still enjoy running through the entire franchise with pals, then this new update contemporizes the release for future efforts.

Now, if we can just see to giving Sheva her grand franchise return, that’d be just peachy.

Chris Moyse
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