Resident Evil 4’s ‘Separate Ways’ is nearly here, watch the spicy launch trailer

Ada Wong in her rootinest, tootinest, fun-filled adventure yet.

Resident Evil 4 Remake: Ada Wong in the distance.

Pretty much since the remake of Resident Evil 4 was released in March (yes, it’s been six months since it launched), fans have been clamoring for the “Separate Ways” DLC. The upcoming expansion was confirmed during Sony’s State of Play, and now a new trailer has been doing the rounds.

Over on the official PlayStation YouTube channel, you can see the launch teaser for the inbound Resident Evil 4 content. The two-minute clip shows Ada Wong as the events of the game unfold from her perspective.

We get a glimpse of some of the interactions she’ll be having with Luis Sera, and we also see famed douche Albert Wesker in all his sunglasses-wearing coolness.

When are Separate Ways and Mercenaries coming out?

You’ll be pleased to know that “Separate Ways” will be released on September 21. The story aims to fill in some of the unanswered questions from the main game as you take on the role of Ada Wong.

Capcom can’t really seem to go wrong at the moment when it comes to Resident Evil games. Along with new entries in the legendary survival horror series, the developer has been releasing hit remake after hit remake.

Okay, RE3 wasn’t as well-received, but it’s still a decent reimagining of its 1999 predecessor. The remake of Resident Evil 4 is the latest modern take on the classic games. Many consider the OG RE4 from 2005 to be the best installment across the whole franchise.

Now, with the DLC just around the corner, fans can once again step into the boots of Ada Wong. With some additional sexual tension between her and Leon Kennedy, no doubt.

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