Resident Evil 4 remake will finally get Separate Ways campaign on September 21

And there it is

Ada Wong in the Separate Ways campaign in Resident Evil 4 Remake

During the Sony State of Play presentation today, we got a look at some new content coming for Resident Evil 4 remake. The juiciest reveal here is the return of the Separate Ways campaign starring Ada Wong, which will finally hit the game next week on September 21.

It was perhaps a given that Separate Ways would make it back to Resident Evil 4 in one way or another. Its exclusion from the remake’s original release didn’t escape ire from fans, so it’s good to see it here now. For those who want to play as Ada in the current console generation, here you go.

Image via PlayStation YouTube

Additionally, Capcom also teased a free update for The Mercenaries that will also go live on the 21st. While it didn’t elaborate, the splash screen showed Ada and Wesker, so it’s safe to assume the update will add them both to the roster.

This news came alongside another look at the upcoming VR update to Resident Evil 4, which looks and sounds about as you’d expect. So if you have a PlayStation VR headset, it looks like you’ll have a few reasons to return to the world of survival horror in the near future.

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