Resident Evil 4 update removes ‘Scope Warp’ speedrun hack

resident evil 4 speedrun hack patch scope warp

Enough of your ghostly shenanigans

Capcom has released a new update for its smash-selling remake Resident Evil 4, bringing with it a selection of bug fixes that, among other things, removes the previously published “key item” glitch, and also, (unfortunately for some) puts a stop to a sneaky wall-walking hack.

The new patch, available now on PC and consoles, features fixes to several platform-specific problems, including visual rendering problems on Xbox Series X/S, incorrect subtitling on PlayStation, and the removal of a bug that would render the game incompletable due to a rare bug that would occur while trying to obtain a key item during Chapter 12 of the game — You can now swing your knife with reckless abandon. This patch also tweaks the dead zone properties of the Xbox analog sticks.

But the update also removes the ability for the player to utilize a hack known as “Scope Warping” — A trick that allows Leon to glitch through certain walls while using the scope on his sniper rifle, or occasionally the iron sights on any weapon. The Resident Evil speedrunning community, savvy as they are, had already been using this glitch to fine effect in their efforts to complete the mission as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, once the game has been updated, this option is no more. It seems that launch builds will need to be acquired should the community wish to utilize the glitch in their future speedruns.

Resident Evil 4 is available now on PlayStation, PC, and Xbox platforms.

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