Capcom warn fans of ‘critical’ Resident Evil 4 Chapter 12 bug

resident evil 4 chapter 12 bug

Don’t get too stabby

Capcom has warned of a fatal bug in its recently released Resident Evil 4 that can render progress impossible while simultaneously making save state rescues undoable. The bug, which is present in all versions of Resident Evil 4, can be activated in Chapter 12 of the survival horror adventure.

“Please be aware of a rare but critical progress bug. This issue will only occur under very specific circumstances, as detailed below,” warned Capcom in a message posted to Twitter.

“A cutscene will play at the beginning of Chapter 12, after which the player will receive a key item. Please refrain from attacking with the knife until the notification for obtaining this item is displayed in the upper right of the screen. After obtaining this key item, it will appear in the Key Items & Treasures menu in the attaché case. If it has not appeared, please reload saved data from before the start of Chapter 12.”

“We’re working on a fix and apologize for any inconvenience.”

Launching on PlayStation, PC, and Xbox platforms on March 24, Resident Evil 4 has seen immediate success, shifting over three million copies in its first two days of release and immediately becoming the fast-selling of the three semi-recent Resident Evil remakes. The opening of the Japanese stock market this morning saw Capcom shares hit their highest price ever, kicking off what is set to be an incredible year for the long-time developer/publisher.

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