This ‘Thomas the Tank Engine as Mr. X’ Resident Evil 2 mod is everything I need right now

There’s going to be two hits: Thomas hitting you and a Bawitdaba mod playing in the background

I’m glad Capcom has embraced the PC platform because now we can have wacky mods for an already wacky set of games: a list that includes Resident Evil 2. In addition to a ton of fantastic mod work (some of which bring back legacy options), a collective of add-ons have been sweeping the nation: Mr. X swaps.

For those of you who might not know what’s going on, the Resident Evil 2 remaster brings back a character called the T-00 (colloquially known as “Mr. X”) that constantly stalks you throughout much of the game. He’s a bit more tenacious in the newer version, leading to all sorts of great videos where people get unexpectedly shocked by his sudden appearance. He’s been the go-to focus for the modding community, which kicked off with an “X Gon’ Give It to Ya” music mod that serves as his unofficial theme song.

Now there’s a mod to swap his character model for Thomas the Tank Engine, which is all sorts of terrifying. The full instructions for the mod (which include character model files from ZombieAli and sound files by DJPop) can be found here.

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