Resident Evil 4 Remake Separate Ways DLC release & information leaks, explained

Resident Evil 4 remake Ada Wong

All but confirmed at this point

Resident Evil 4 Remake’s release is barely behind us, but eager data miners have potentially uncovered what’s next for the beloved horror franchise. The Separate Ways mode from the original game could be coming to the remake in the near future as optional DLC.

Separate Ways DLC leaks, explained

Twitter user Resident Evil Central recently shared the results from a data mine of the PC version of Resident Evil 4 Remake. Within the game’s backend, there are folders referencing The Another Order. That happens to be the name in Japan for the extra Ada Wong game mode from the original RE4.

In addition to this folder, there are references to already confirmed content in the remake. Both the Chainsaw demo and the upcoming Mercenaries DLC extra mode are mentioned in the same data. As such, it seems to hint that the Separate Ways DLC could be in development for RE4 Remake.

The original game mode featured five extra chapters of gameplay for players to check out, starring side character Ada Wong. Originally featured in Resident Evil 2, and its remake, Wong also played a key role during the story of Resident Evil 4.

With this mode, players get to see the other side of Ada’s story and what she’s doing parallel to Leon’s mission. In fact, Resident Evil 4 Remake even hints further at the possibility of Separate Ways DLC. During one of the cutscenes with Ada and Leon, Leon notes that they need to go their “separate ways.”

This seemed to be a clever hint towards the still unconfirmed DLC’s possible future release.

Is there a Resident Evil 4 Remake Separate Ways DLC release date?

Unfortunately, Capcom hasn’t announced Separate Ways DLC for Resident Evil 4 Remake yet. As such, there is no possible release date for players at this time. That said, there is some speculation we can give about when players could jump back into the game with new content.

Mercenaries launches for RE4 Remake on April 7, 2023, as extra downloadable content. That is only a few short weeks after the release of the original game. After that, there is nothing confirmed for the game except for an optional VR mode for the PSVR2.

Both of these additions are free DLC content for existing owners of RE4 Remake. It is possible that Separate Ways will be a paid expansion for the game that comes after the already announced modes.

It’s possible the Separate Ways DLC could come later in 2023 or even in 2024, depending on how far along it is. This expansion could even bring with it some of the cut content from the original game, such as the ski lift.

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