Resident Evil 4 mod puts a tiny Moushley on top of Leon’s head

Resident Evil 4 Moushley


Mods for the 2023 Resident Evil 4 remake have already had a strong start, with various costumes and alterations for the game’s principal cast. But with Moushley, a social media post has spurred on a legion of fan art and, finally, a special mod for putting Moushley in Resident Evil 4.

If you’re unfamiliar, Moushley all seems to have started with a Twitter post from user @Agrimmora, imagining the president’s daughter Ashley Graham as a tiny mouse. The adorable take on Ashley encouraged many more adaptations and versions. Moushley is having a moment, I’d say.

Well, a new mod now takes the Moushley idea and gives it the Pixar treatment. Cathroon’s “Moushley Graham – Ratatouille Mod” asks the question, “What if Moushley was Ratatouille-ing Leon?” The results are simply stupendous.

The Moushley model comes from TheCapsuleFiend, and uses it as a hair replacement option for Leon Kennedy. With it, Moushley can ride atop Leon’s head, directing him through all the horrors of Resident Evil 4. It’s headcanon, but valid.

You’ll need the Fluffy Mods Manager and ensure that the hair strands option is turned off in the settings, but otherwise, it should be a squeaky clean install from the Nexus mods page.

A cheesy addition

While there have been plenty of wild and weird mods for Resident Evil 4, I really do like the Moushley addition. For one, it’s reflective of a fun fan reimagining, and is relatively wholesome.

It’s also just a neat little addition for addition’s sake. It’s not a new gameplay feature, or cheat code. (Though you do have to play safer, for Moushley’s sake.) It’s just a neat little touch for those who enjoy the idea of special agent Leon Kennedy being secretly controlled by a sweater-wearing mouse.

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