Resident Evil 4 LEGO fan video re-imagines the opening

Timely, with the remake around the corner

I would watch pretty much anything Resident Evil 4 adjacent. That world was a whirlwind of action and silliness, and lends itself well to all sorts of mods, parodies, and projects. There’s a reason people are still talking about it all these years later, and why it’s basically Skyrim-tier in terms of its multiplatform port proliferation. That fan fervor likely led to this new delightful LEGO animation from creator Cara Aleatorio, who re-imagined the game’s intro sequence.

Simply titled “Resident Evil 4 Animation,” we’re once again whisked away to the intro a lot of us have experienced 50 times or more since 2005: as Leon Kennedy arrives at the initial village in Spain. He quickly discovers the aggressive inhabitants, and the game never really stops from there on out. According to Cara Aleatorio, the project was made in Blender, with the Mecabrics add-on. It took “around 3000 images” to finish up the nearly four minute video, and “1-2 months” of work.

It’s amazing how burned in my brain this intro is, and how big of a shock it was to see how things were changed (both subtly and not-so-subtly) in the remake. I can’t wait to see all of the reactions from first-timers and long-time fans, but little things like the tower floor in the village square demo collapsing really got me.

Chris Carter
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