Remember Kudo? He’s now looking after a bunch of studios at Microsoft

Yes, yes, I’ve included the ‘WELL BAM!’ video

Kudo Tsunoda, the guy who demonstrated Project Natal (now Kinect) at E3 2009, has been off working on Microsoft’s crazy holographic headset HoloLens. He’s going to keep at that but will also now lead a bunch of Xbox teams, including Rare, Lionhead, Lift London, Press Play, Twisted Pixel, Decisive Games, and the groups working on Crackdown, Scalebound, and Quantum Break.

A few other management types at those studios have shuffled around, and Tsunoda says we’ll hear more about Black Tusk’s Gears of War “soon.” (Aside: everything’s always coming “soon.”)

“One of the things I definitely took away from Kinect is that if you’re going to build a new technology or a new type of experience, how important it is to make sure the first products you ship are really based around the people who are going to use them the most,” he said. So for Kinect, “core gamers and the Xbox fans.” Tsunoda noted that while Microsoft handled “broad consumer products” okay, it struggled “…to deliver really great core experiences with Kinect.”

That’s a lesson he’ll “take to heart” with not only HoloLens, but “new products within Windows 10 and Xbox.” Also, his Twitter avatar makes him look like he’s from the future (which he probably is).

A New Charter for Kudo Tsunoda [Xbox]


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