Reggie Fils-Aime audio book

Reggie Fils-Aime is ready to narrate his own audio book

It’s out in May

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The Reggie Fils-Aime audio book has a narrator: the Regginator. Yep, Reggie will be bringing his own book, Disrupting the Game, to life, when it arrives on May 3 of this year.

The news comes via IGN, where Reggie confirmed that the best way to get his point across was to do it himself: “I wanted it to read as if I had written you a detailed letter with key stories and insights that inspire you to pursue your own journey. Narrating the audiobook reinforced that I achieved my objective – the book truly is my own story, in my own voice. There are no self-congratulatory segments. Failures are unvarnished. I wanted the book to be authentic… hopefully, inspiring. Reading the book aloud brought a smile to my face.”

Subtitled “From the Bronx to the Top of Nintendo,” it’ll tell the tale of his beginnings as a Haitian immigrant into his stay at Nintendo, amid purveying business concepts like “how to stand up for your own ideas,” and “creating vibrant visions for your team and company.”

Given his enigmatic history in the gaming sphere, there’s a lot of eyeballs on this book, but Reggie is really prepping people early for the fact that it will be business-centric. In other words, it won’t entirely be focused on his wacky meme-filled adventures at Nintendo, nor will it be filled with juicy Miyamoto anecdotes. That said, he does confirm that there will be a section on going to Kyoto for Iwata’s funeral (which he said was painful to narrate), as well as the story behind “getting Itawa to agree to the memorable E3 opening line of ‘kicking ass, taking names, and making games.'”

Amid a missed opportunity to call the book “My Body is Reggie,” a joke I’ve heard many times since this project was announced, I’m looking forward to it — especially given the news that he’s narrating it himself.

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