Visit the scenic, and somewhat crimson, town of Redfall

redfall trailer bethesda shooter

There are better vacation destinations…

Bethesda Softworks has released a new trailer for Redfall, the cooperative monster masher currently in the works at Arkane Studios. The new preview spotlights the titular Massachusetts town, which is currently under siege from a frightening plague of deadly vampiric beings.

This particular trailer is mostly action-free, instead focusing on the many locales wherein our sassy band of monster hunters will ply their explosive trade. From the high street to the local school, movie theaters to woodland areas, museums to farmland — There is no part of the once-beautiful town that has not become awash with the undead and its hapless victims. They say the only way out is through, and Redfall is gonna get a whole lot messier before it gets better.

Redfall will see parties of up to four players gather together their weaponry, gear, and unique abilities in order to outrun and outgun the bloodsuckers. Protagonists Layla Ellison, Devinder Crousley, Jacob Boyer, and Remi de la Rosa are themselves equipped with distinct skills — from incredible feats of engineering to powerful psychokinetic abilities — all of which will no doubt come in handy as they ransack Redfall in a serious bout of exorcism, all conducted at the business end of a barrel. Players will be encouraged to adapt their loadout to best synergize their squad against the nightmare horrors that await them.

Following its unfortunate delay, Redfall remains in development for PC and Xbox and is now expected to launch on both platforms May 2.

Chris Moyse
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