This Reddit user framed their DS after it died, turning the console into a work of art

Framed Nintendo DS art project

Turning an old gaming console from trash to treasure

Anyone who’s ever had a beloved old gaming console die on them knows the heartbreak that comes along with it. A trusty little device that has gotten you through long nights and tough times is suddenly no more, and having to let go of a console that has a lot of memories attached to it can definitely sting. While most of us are likely to take our dead device to an e-waste center and move onto the next one, some gamers out there seem to be a bit more sentimental — and technically skilled in dismantling old hardware.

In a post on the r/gaming Subreddit, user Wolve5000 showed off their memorialized Nintendo DS Lite, and it has to be one of the most beautiful ways I’ve ever seen someone recycle an old console. Essentially they dismantled the old DS piece by piece and laid the whole thing out with custom art that labeled each and every element of plastic and metal, and then framed the entire thing.

After years of gaming, it finally gave up on me. I decided to honor it. from gaming

I have no idea how they managed to make it all look so perfect, but this whole setup honestly looks better than a lot of video game exhibits I’ve seen in museums. I immediately want one of my own to hang over my desk, but if I were to just buy one like this already, it would never have the same significance as it does to this person.

I suppose this could be a great opportunity to finally learn how to take apart and fix old gaming consoles, something I’ve been fascinated with ever since I got hooked on videos from a YouTuber called Odd Tinkering where he does just that. If there’s one thing I know about gamers, it’s that we’re sentimental, and there would be a huge market in making these little memorial art pieces for other people whose beloved consoles have also died. Hey Wolve5000, if you’re reading this, that might be a good career opportunity for you.

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