Red Steel 2 announced, my roommate cringes in horror

The French site LiveWii brings word that UbiSoft has announced that they are making Red Steel 2. According to the article, they’re justifying making the second game by saying that they’re completely reworking the sword system. There’s no announcement yet as to whether or not the game will support online play or anything, but there should be more details rolling out soon.

I believe I’m the staff member who has played the most of Red Steel (~70% of the game), I actually do want to see how much of an overhaul they can give this game, and possibly turn it into something worthwhile. They really need to take their time and pull out all the stops on this, otherwise UbiSoft will be losing tons of fans for wasting money on this. Apart from the sword system, which can get mind-numbingly boring, they need to make sure the horrible rubber-arm graphics and still-shot cutscenes are done with.

So, with this little information available, who wants to start making predictions on the game’s score? Oh, and sorry Necros, you will have to endure me playing this game next year, and forcing you to watch.

[Thanks for the tips, Blindside and Joe! You were within seconds of each other for this]