Recent Star Wars games generate over $1 billion in sales

What a shock, said no one ever

Star Wars Battlefront is thought to have sold six million units since its launch in November 2015.

In an interview to Fortune, analysts estimated how recent Star Wars releases are performing, including Battlefront and Disney Infinity.

Michael Pachter from Wedbush pegs Battlefront at 6 million units sold in November 2015, with another 6 million shifted in December 2015, amassing $660 million based on the average retail price ($55). Pacific Crest’s Evan Wilson said sales may be as high as 13 million, but as many savvy gamers waited for Black Friday and holiday sales, these discounts would be reflected in revenue. 

As for Disney Infinity 3.0? Pachter thinks it’s sold $50m more than rivals Skylanders or LEGO Dimensions, making it the top-selling toy-to-life product and generating around $200 million.

Electronic Arts’ CFO Blake Jorgensen recently admitted Star Wars Battlefront’s “accessible” design “may not have the depth [hardcore players] wanted in the game.”

Star Wars Battlefront sales may have topped 13 million, analysts say [VG24/7]

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