RE5, Final Fantasy to sell more on 360, claims Microsoft

Strap yourself in folks, because we have an utter shocker for you. Microsoft has turned the industry on its head by making the surprise prediction that Resident Evil 5 and Final Fantasy XIII will sell more Xbox 360 copies than PS3 copies.

Gamespot asked the “big three” companies how they interpret February’s sales numbers. Nintendo and Sony both spoke highly of the industry, looking at the rising game sales of last month as evidence that videogames are still proving rather resilient to the current economic troubles. Microsoft, however, could not help yet another dig at Sony, claiming that titles previous associated with PlayStation are now triumphing on the Xbox 360. 

“We’re happy with the performance of Street Fighter IV on Xbox 360,” claimed an MS rep. “It follows in the steps of franchises like Grand Theft Auto and Madden NFL which have historically been associated with PlayStation, that are now selling better on our platform.” The rep followed with the claim that RE5 and FFXIII would find superior sales on the 360. 

Sarcasm aside, I find it amusing that Microsoft is a dog with a bone with it comes to Sony, almost obsessed with keeping up this console war and unable to resist namedropping its rival even in a subject as benign as this. At this rate, I expect Microsoft to start blogging about everything Sony does, saying such biting things as “Sony sucks” and “the PlayStation is a bad console actually.” Sony might never recover from such a scathing blog.

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