Ray’z Arcade Chronology to compile Taito’s classic shmup series

ray'z arcade chronology taito m2 shmups retro

Catch Some Rays

There’s another reason for shmup fans to get their trigger fingers in gear today, as the legendary arcade developer Taito and ShotTrigger makers M2 have announced a brand new compilation, Ray’z Arcade Chronology, which will compile the button-pounding titles of the cult shmup series, “Ray.”

Currently in development for PS4 and Nintendo Switch, Ray’z Arcade Chronology will contain four classic Ray releases. Featured in the compilation are the original RayForce (1994), sequels RayStorm (1996) and RayCrisis (1998), as well as a revamped version of 2013 remaster RayStorm HD, complete with brand new features. The chronology will be rounded out with a brand new remaster of RayCrisis — titled RayCrisis HD — so fans will be able to enjoy a brand new take on the franchise along with the aforementioned hits.

ray'z arcade chronology taito m2 shmups retro

Unfortunately, that’s where the info ends, with nary a release date or trailer to be seen, (though Taito Japan has opened a brand new website for the collection).

M2 have been done fantastic work in ensuring that the history of the shmup genre has been collated, archived and/or rereleased for modern audiences, and this upcoming collection will only add to the burgeoning catalog of coin-op classics.

Taito is yet to announce a western localization for the compilation, but we’ll be sure to give you a heads-up when more information is forthcoming.

Ray’Z Arcade Chronology is in development for PS4 and Switch, with a launch window of 2023.

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