The RayStorm / RayCrisis remasters confirmed for western release

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Classic shmups jetting to these shores

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ININ Games has confirmed that both Ray’z Arcade Chronology and RayStorm x RayCrysis HD Collection will both be released in western territories. The remastered shmup classics will release in North America, Europe, and other territories at some unspecified point following their Japanese release.

As previously reported, Ray’z Arcade Chronology — currently scheduled for launch in Japan in March 2023 — is a compendium of series classics gathered together for PS4 and Nintendo Switch. The collection will include RayForce (1994), RayStorm (1996), and RayCrisis (1998). Also included are two brand new remasters, RayCrisis HD and RayStorm NEO-HD. The latter title is itself a remaster of a remaster, boosted with new extra features and vital 16:9 monitor support.

RayStorm x RayCrisis HD Collection, which seems a strangely redundant alternate collection, will apparently include all of the same titles listed above but will omit the original RayForce.

RayStorm x RayCrisis HD Collection will be made available digitally and physically, while Ray’z Arcade Chronology will launch digitally worldwide and will receive an exclusive physical release via boutique outlet Strictly Limited Games. This edition features a boxed release of the game alongside additional collectible memorabilia including a CD soundtrack, a strategy guide, old-school arcade-style stickers, a hardcover art book, and other neat goodies.

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Ray’z Arcade Chronology and RayStorm x RayCrisis HD Collection are currently in development for PS4 and Nintendo Switch We will be sure to give you a heads up when new information regarding western launch dates is made available.

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