Rayman: Raving Rabbids TV Party: DAAAAAH!

I went to something advertized as a “TV Party” once. Let me tell you, there was plenty of waggling, but not a Wiimote in sight. 

Anyway, we’re coming to end of the news that’s been spewing out of Nintendo today, so enjoy the above video and following pictures from Rayman Rabbids: TV Party. As you can see, the Rabbids look as adorable as ever, while the live action stooges they bring in to mime their idea of “family fun” still look gut-punchingly annoying. 

The good, honest, white American family enjoying Ubisoft’s latest party game demonstrate that the Balance Board is out in full effect along with the Wiimote, which will lead to you having just as much fun as everybody in that video is pretending to have. 

I want a pet Rabbid.

James Stephanie Sterling