Ravenswatch, a folktale action roguelite game from the Curse of the Dead Gods team, has co-op


Curse of the Dead Gods didn’t quite grab me, but I’m down to try again

The creators of Curse of the Dead Gods are back with another action roguelite game called Ravenswatch, and this time, you aren’t alone — there’s four-player co-op support.

Announced this week at Nacon Connect 2022, Ravenswatch will star playable heroes with abilities “inspired by characters from folktales and legends.” Right off the bat, we’ve got the Red Hood, the Pied Piper, Beowulf, and the Snow Queen, with “more to come.”

On the gameplay front, expect randomly generated maps and character builds to be at the forefront, with iconography and themes plucked from “The Three Little Pigs to Norse mythology to One Thousand and One Nights,” among other stories.

Solo or up to four players

Though solo play is an option, Ravenswatch will likely be at its best in co-op. “To defeat the Nightmare and reach the final chapter, you will need a strong build, focus, and excellent teamwork,” according to Passtech Games. “Increase your fighting power in battles then face the level boss when you feel ready… or when you no longer have a choice.”

From the trailer, we can see the Red Hood transform into a wolf, the Pied Piper command a horde of rats, and the Snow Queen skate around foes on ice. Dibs on the former.

Ravenswatch co-op screenshot
The four heroes revealed so far.

Admittedly, I barely made a dent in Curse of the Dead Gods — it’s a tough game right from the get-go — but I enjoyed what I played, and there’s a world in which I got really into it for a few months. I feel like Passtech must’ve learned a lot while making that game, so having a similar but still distinct follow-up in the same genre sounds ideal. The action looks familiar, but the environments seem much less cramped and intimidating.

(Did any of you try Curse with PlayStation Plus? That’s where I got my copy.)

Ravenswatch will debut on Steam Early Access in 2023, with console versions — Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S — coming later.

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