Rare: There’s more where Perfect Dark XBLA came from

Do you like the old Rare games? I do. Hell, I think they helped save a certain game system back in the day. Perfect Dark was a kick ass game that is now coming back as a remake to the Xbox Live Arcade very soon. But what about other Rare classics? As you’d imagine, Rare is totally game with re-releasing their old games.

Rare boss Mark Betteridge gives us hope in this statement: “There’s nothing to announce yet after Perfect Dark, but we’ve got over 25 years of IP to dip into so there’s no shortage of possibilities.”

Those Rare people sound really easy-going. Last week they said that they were also up for seeing more of their characters in other games, like how Banjo and Kazooie are both in Sega’s All-Stars Racing. It seems like they’re game for everything but making a new game. Or at least announcing their new game.

Perfect Dark just the beginning [CVG]

Dale North