Rare: No one knows who we are

Rare used to be the darling of the videogame world, with its contributions to Nintendo systems being hailed as some of the greatest and most memorable adventures of all. It’s so sad to hear somebody from Rare now suggest that nobody knows about the studio anymore. Still, the UK studio has hope now that Peter Molyneux is in charge of Microsoft creative shenanigans.

It’s great that he’s been promoted into this new creative position and encompassing Lionhead and Rare as well,” states head of animation Louise Ridgeway. “He’s been up quite a bit over the last few months. He comes up regularly and it’s great to see someone like Pete here. It gives us a little bit of a face because no-one knows who we are!”

Art director Steve McFarlane adds: “Once we were bought up by Microsoft obviously things have changed within the top ranks and stuff. and I think over the last few years maybe the awareness of Rare has dropped. And the idea of Pete coming in and being this new face of Rare it’s a great thing for us. It’s really just to get us out there a bit more.”

I really do hope that Molyneux (who McFarlane and Ridgeway called a “legend”) gives Rare a shot in the arm. It’s very disappointing that the studio has fallen so far from the public eye. They can’t survive off the monthly GoldenEye 007 rumors forever.

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