Rare announces XBLA Jetpac Refuelled, no one surprised

Trust me, it’s tough to write this without using the “Captain Obvious” image.

Rare has announced that their first XBLA title will be Jetpac Refuelled, a remake of the 1983 computer game, Jetpac. From Rare:

Jetpac Refuelled takes that tried and tested laser-driven arcade gameplay and brings it right up to date, crowbarring in masses of new levels, enemies and weapon upgrades while polishing the visuals and soundtrack to a space-age shine … Online components include access to global high score Leaderboards and a good spread of Achievements, while the inclusion of simultaneous multiplayer action marks another first for the franchise. Two players can quickly and easily set up a head-to-head battle on a single Xbox 360 console or over Xbox Live.

The irony — Jetpac was Rare’s first game, back when they were known as Ultimate Play The Game. The original game was written by Chris Stamper, with graphics done by Tim Stamper, both of whom recently left Rare.

Still, Jetpac looks like it’s going to be a nice addition to XBLA. In the meantime, why not whet your appetite with some Flash Jetpac goodness?

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