Rainbow Six Siege’s Operators all have annoyingly awesome names

No care for fine interior decoration

Rock, flag, and eagle time; Ubisoft’s slowly pulling back the curtain on all of Rainbow Six Siege‘s international operators, and today the Americans get profiled. As is to be expected, all of them have excellently punchy names, and none of them are afraid of loud noises or dying alone.

If you crave a time when Matrix-esque monikers were cool, Siege has a treat in store for you. The team from THE LAND OF THE FREE AND THE HOME OF THE BRAVE are made up of nicknames “Ash,” “Castle,” “Pulse,” and “Thermite.” Those were also the names of Chumbawamba’s original line-up. That’s a fact; you can look it up.

But, these smooth Operators are too badass to get knocked down, so they never have to get up again.

Brett Makedonski
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