Rainbow Six Siege teases new season Operation: Steel Wave

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Ubisoft has teased the coming of the next season in its excellent multiplayer shooter Rainbow Six Siege. As noted on the game’s Twitter account, Operation: Steel Wave will be the second season of year five, bringing new operators, maps, and other content to the multiplayer shooter.

While the teasing tweet offered nothing other than a name and a single, chilly-looking image, we already know – thanks to an earlier report – that Steel Wave will include two operators hailing from Norway and South Africa, and will include a map rework on the much-maligned but actually-awesome House. Steel Wave will also have its own Arcade Playlist event and wallet-searing Battle Pass.

It should also be remembered that this season will be the last to offer two operators for some time. From Year 5 Season 3, Siege will only be adding one operator per season, while devoting further time and resources on overhauling base mechanics and fine-tuning the game engine. I’m all for this. As we enter a brand new generation, Siege needs to start taking steps toward evolution, and I’ll gladly take less content for an even better, more contemporary gameplay experience.

No date has been announced for Operation: Steel Wave, with details coming “soon.” Current event The Grand Larceny is live in-game now. Rainbow Six Siege is available now on PS4, PC, and Xbox One.

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