Rainbow Six Siege Board Game Kickstarter campaign goes live today

Rolling (Rainbow) Sixes

Rainbow Six Siege players who wish to take their window-smashin’, flash-bangin’ action out of the digital realm and into the dining room should keep one eye on Kickstarter today. Mythic Games is finally ready to launch its crowdfunding campaign for its previously announced Rainbow Six Siege board game, which looks to recreate the tense, strategic, and explosive action of Ubisoft’s tactical shooter in tabletop form.

Mythic Games’ Kickstarter campaign will go live in just an hour from now and is expected to feature a ton of new information regarding 6: Siege The Board Game and its release, along with numerous backer goals/rewards pertaining to exclusive operator miniatures and expansion sets. Various tabletop gaming websites have already managed to get their paws on an early edition of 6: Siege, and have explored the boxed components and play rules of this intriguing project.

Check out this 6: Siege The Board Game overview video, from Geek & Sundry‘s Becca Scott.

As you may be aware, I’m a dedicated Siege fan, but I am most definitely out of the loop when it comes to tabletop gaming — I fell off the table some years ago — but maybe 6: Siege will be the title that reignites my interest in the scene and the many cool titles that have passed me. I’ll be checking out the Kickstarter when it goes live in sixty short minutes and I’m looking forward to the reveal. I can see how the tactical world of Rainbow Six Siege would make for a brilliant board game experience but, much like the core theme of Siege itself, the key to success will lay entirely in the execution.

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