Rainbow Six movie lands John Wick director Chad Stahelski

Michael B. Jordan will star

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Video game adaptations are everywhere these days — why not throw another one on the pile? We now know there’s a Rainbow Six movie coming from Paramount, and it’s just been announced that John Wick director Chad Stahelski is attached to the project, as covered by The Hollywood Reporter in an exclusive. Actor Michael B. Jordan is also involved, and he’ll star as John Clark — the protagonist of Tom Clancy’s famous book series that inspired the games. Jordan’s already taken on the role of Clark after starring in the 2021 film Without Remorse which was also based on Clancy’s work.

This new movie will likely serve as a sequel to Without Remorse, as at the end of the film, Clark is planning to establish the famed multinational anti-terrorist “Rainbow” team. While the first film only took inspiration from Clancy’s writing, this potential sequel will instead focus on the team that was made so popular by Ubisoft’s game series: Rainbow Six. Details are sparse as of now, as the movie does not yet have a release date or plot summary, so keep in mind that it’s all pretty much speculation. Even so, it’s hard to imagine they’d pass on drawing inspiration from the games at least a little bit, especially for an action movie.

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Chad Stahelski is best known for his directorial debut with the John Wick movies, but he’s actually been around the industry for a long time as a stuntman, having worked on films like The Matrix, Van Helsing, and Escape from L.A. Here’s hoping that such a prolific figure in the action space will make unique, compelling work of the IP he’s drawing on because a lot of fans are hoping to see their favorite series done justice on the silver screen.

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