Rabbids Go Home gives Rabbid logo a new look

Not sure about you, but the fact that Ubisoft’s upcoming Wii game Rabbids Go Home is not one of those them there mini-game-fests makes me happy. Quite looking forward to this one, actually.

Which is why I’m keeping an eye on the official Rabbids Go Home Web site, which recently launched… with a teaser splash image. You can sign up for updates if you so desire, but there’s a few things you should note here. For one, the logo has been completely overhauled, retooled for the Rabbids upcoming adventure. 

Hit the jump to see the evolution of the “Raving Rabbids” logo, and take note of the moon in both the teaser image and the logo. Looks like that’s where the Rabbids are heading when the game ships later this year.

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