QWERTY QWERTY: Hands on details of Microsoft’s Chatpad

The guys over at Gaming Nexus were able to get their mitts on Microsoft’s upcoming gadget, the rubbishly named Chatpad. While not the final version, the peripheral tested was pretty close to the version you’ll be able to buy when it’s released during the summer. By all accounts (this account), early impressions are positive.

Fitting in very snugly and not heavy enough to cause imbalance to the controller, the GN fellas propose this is something you can snap on and leave on. The keys are backlit, which leeches the batteries, but only while you’re typing. Thankfully, the backlight doesn’t perpetually glow like Kelsey Grammar’s floating head.

For any of you who use Live Messenger on your 360 (anyone?), this is something you’ll want to be looking at. Click the above link for some more up close pictures of the adorable little keyboard and Nexus’ full impressions. 

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