Quantum Break sure has changed over the last four years

Before it got Shawn Ashmore’d

I haven’t been following Quantum Break too closely, even though I love Max Payne and Alan Wake. What I’ve seen so far has felt a bit generic, lifeless, and grey, so I’m hoping that Remedy’s traditional bizarre touch is hiding under the thick film of Microsoft’s marketing. That marketing has certainly changed over the last few years, as you’re about to see.

DualShockers attended a lecture in Paris at the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie (those are exactly the words I would type if I was trying to bullshit that place’s name in French) where Creative Director Sam Lake presented this video consisting mostly of 2012 footage ofQuantum Break. This is before they announced the new actors (Shawn Ashmore, Dominic Monaghan, Aiden Gillan, Lance Reddick) last year.

Really hoping that the final version of the game comes out this April and wows us all.

Xbox One Exclusive Quantum Break’s Prototype Footage Shows How Much the Game Has Evolved [DualShockers]

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