Quantum Break now has an April 5, 2016 release date

Time moves slow

Microsoft kicked off its gamescom press conference by bending time and slowly shoving bullets into bad guys. That’s Quantum Break — part third-person cover action game and part television show. We still don’t have a good feel for how it’ll turn out, but at least it has the Remedy pedigree in its corner.

Closing the segment, we found out when exactly we’ll learn how it ends up. Microsoft and Remedy announced that Quantum Break will launch on April 5, 2016. For those who are counting, that’s almost exactly eight months away. In true Quantum Break fashion, that time will likely go by very slowly.

Just like last year, we’re seeing Quantum Break again at gamescom. We’ll have some new impressions to share in the coming days for this Xbox One exclusive.

Brett Makedonski
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