Quantum Break finally arrives on Steam, so here are some deals

Windows Store, hah

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Timed exclusives are pretty stupid, particularly when you try your best to keep the rest of the gamers on a major platform from picking up a copy of a decent title. Quantum Break has made its way onto Steam today and off the Windows Store (and Windows 10). The Games for Windows Live déjà vu aside, the game is quite good and garnering positive reception from users on Steam.

If you’re a PC gamer who has been eying it since earlier this year, you can now pick the game up for your Windows 7 or 8 machine on Steam. Yay. With its move to the Steam platform, Quantum Break has cropped up at various digital retailers and this translates to some nice savings.

Quantum Break Steam Deals

  • DLGamer Deal (Steam) — $31.99  (list price $40)
  • GMG Deal (Steam) — $34.91  (list price $40) <- use code: VIP3

GMG’s deal should last until tomorrow (the small 3% off coupon anyways) while DLGamer’s deal has an unknown expiration date. Both copies are of course Steam keys and sourced straight from THQ Nordic.

Update: GMG’s price has went up from $30 to $35, so DLGamer’s deal is much better.

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