Quantic Dream met with Kojima to discuss Heavy Rain

If you’re a gamer and you aren’t even slightly interested by what we’ve seen of Heavy Rain so far, I have to admit that I’d have a hard time understanding why not. Even if you’re more of the FPS type, just a glance at this game tells you it’s going to be something very different. Hell, even Hideo Kojima was fascinated with it.

According to a recent inteview with Kikizo,  lead designer David Cage says that he met with Kojima to discuss Heavy Rain:

Cage: Kojima heard about Heavy Rain last year and we met, because everyone told him about Heavy Rain and he wanted to talk, discuss this topic. It was a very interesting discussion. But yeah, I believe that the only real challenge is to treat the storytelling differently, not through cut scenes but directly through gameplay. As you play you tell the story. And that’s the most difficult thing to do, but also the most interesting thing. 

Considering Kojima’s games tend to rely heavily on cutscenes for storytelling purposes, it’s interesting to know he was training a close eye on Heavy Rain. Does this mean we might see future Kojima titles telling stories in a different way?

[Via Kotaku]

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