Quan Chi would have been DLC in MK vs. DC Universe

We always expected to see Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe downloadable content with Ed Boon and his merry band of MK designers constantly hinting and teasing. However, that was all before we knew exactly how much trouble Midway was in. Earlier this morning MK creator and head honcho Ed Boom tweeted a somber tweet, showing fans what might have been if Midway kept it together and essentially confirming that no DLC for the latest MK title would be kreated.

Pictured below in the gallery is a render for a Quan Chi, a character who was apparently slated to appear in MK vs. DC Universe as downloadable content.

Overall, we like Chi’s new tired-totally-old-news-everyone-has-seen-this-before look. But those triceps definitely need some work. A man needs to get his skull crushers on before stepping up to fight dudes like Superman. That’s a fact.

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