Qore episode 7 is free this week at the PlayStation Store

I like Qore. It’s a neat way to get an inside look at some Sony-made games and products. I like how it’s all interactive and in high-definition, and I love how it’s hosted by the adorable geek princess Veronica Belmont.

I actually only have three complaints about Qore:

  1. Veronica won’t call me back
  2. You can’t fast-forward or rewind footage
  3. It’s not free 

Well, we can knock one of those complaints out this week, as episode 7 of Qore is free for the taking on the PlayStation Store. Sony is calling it a holiday gift. Thanks. But a real gift would resolve issue number one.

Here’s some of what you can expect in Qore 7:

  • An inside look at EA’s Skate 2, the follow-up to the game that redefined the boarding genre
  • A Capcom office visit
  • A crash course on “Steam Punk” sub-culture through a preview of post-modern shooter, Damnation
  • An exclusive Killzone 2 theme
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