PUBG’s Miramar is getting more buildings and better loot

In the desert you can remember your name

I’ve yet to come up with a good plan of attack for Miramar in PUBG. If we’re talking Erangel, no problem — I’m familiar enough with the map to know what tends to work, what doesn’t, and where to head no matter how unfortunate the flight plan. But Miramar? Nope. The desert is a treacherous, open, nerve-wracking place with tricky terrain. I’m still slowly learning the ropes and how best to approach it.

There’s even more for me to take into consideration today. PUBG has a new test update on PC:


  • Added more buildings and cover across the map to improve the engagement experience
  • Added more off-road routes for easier vehicle navigation
  • Upgraded the item spawn level of certain areas for loot balancing (some areas will spawn better loot)
  • The replay system has now been updated to a newer version and past replay files cannot be played anymore
Bug fixes
  • Fixed the issue where heal and boost items could be used underwater
  • Fixed the issue where characters would get stuck in certain areas on Miramar
  • Fixed the issue where wall textures on some Miramar buildings were not displaying correctly
  • Fixed the issue where certain buildings near by Hacienda del Patron were not displaying correctly

Generally speaking, I like how exposed Miramar is and how it encourages an active playstyle. Looking at these changes, the big one for me is better loot. I’ll happily take more loot, Brendan. Now and forever.

Besides those improvements, PUBG Corp. is working out a new anti-cheat solution.

“We would like to collect data about potential compatibility issues, analyze it, and solve any issues that may emerge,” the development team said. “If you experience a crash, please take a screenshot that shows the error and report it here. If the current test build is consistently crashing for you, we recommend that you play on the live servers instead. Thank you for your understanding.”

The team is also continuing to improve PUBG on Xbox One. Here’s the latest:


We’ve listened to your feedback and further modified the damage players can inflict on vehicles, increasing areas of vulnerability. This includes:

  • Increased damage to the vehicle body, and significant damage to the wheels when targeted with gunfire
  • Increased vehicle damage when successfully targeted with a grenade
  • Both driver and passenger will suffer increased injuries from crashing into objects or other vehicles (Dacia, UAZ, and Buggy)
  • Slight reduction to player damage when being struck by a vehicle


  • Continued optimization to controller input lag
  • Visual quality of the reticle is improved for Xbox One (Red Dot, Holographic, and 2x Sight)

Bug fixes

  • Resolved issue where inventory may highlight the wrong column when looting
  • The sensitivity setting for 4x Scope is now also applied to the permanent scope on the VSS
  • Auto-run (double-clicking the left stick) is disabled when aiming down sights
  • Players can now use the D-Pad while in the map view without switching melee, pistol, or throwing weapons
  • Removing the marker from the map when pressing (Y) will no longer switch primary/secondary weapons
  • Fixed issue where the crosshair is not correctly displayed after players reconnect to a game session

As ever, good luck out there in the never-ending hunt for chicken dinners and cool clothes.

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