Psyonix is getting ready to completely overhaul Rocket League’s visuals on Switch

Multiple modes ahoy

Not too long ago Psyonix promised an update on some big Switch visual changes, and now they’ve laid it all out publicly in their latest blog post.

In handheld mode the target is going from 1024×576 to 1280×720, and docked, it’s going from 1280×720 (720p) to 1664×936 (900p). The tournament update, which Psyonix calls “one of the biggest ever,” will go live on April 3 and allow video quality options from the video menu.

You can either opt for the current 60FPS option or swap to 30FPS if you’re so inclined, which also enables lens flare, dynamic shadows, depth of field, and light shafts. For competitive folk you’re probably going to want to go 60FPS all the way, but as always, it’s nice to have options.

Oh, and video capture is coming!

Update [Rocket League]

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