PSP was ‘slightly under-supported’ according to Sony

In a statement to rival “Ted Bundy was a little bit evil,” Sony has confessed that it shortchanged the PlayStation Portable by claiming that the oft-ignored console had been “slightly under-supported” in the past. Yes, a console that has one decent game released every six months (if that) was only a tiny bit of an afterthought, right?

“It was slightly under-supported, mainly because a lot of the energy was going into stuff we’re doing for PlayStation 3,” offers Sony’s Ray Maguire. “There was an added complication in that the UMD model wasn’t brilliant for third parties, either.”

Of course, with Sony able to sucker 50 million people into buying one of the things, the platform holder isn’t crying too hard about leaving the PSP high and dry for all these years. Besides, Sony is making up for four years of bugger-all by at least releasing some videogames in 2009.

“The PSP has become one of the best-selling formats ever, and I think people are seeing that they need to get back into it,” continues Maguire. “I think we had a bit of a barren year last year, and this year we seem to have a bumper crop.”

It’s true that Sony has a lot of stuff planned for 2009. Doesn’t quite justify the past four years (barren “year” is an understatement) but I’ll grab any excuse to turn my barely touched PSP on.

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