PSP is still doing well in Japan

Despite taking a downturn of 6,572 units since last week, PlayStation Portable is still rocking the handheld market in Japan. According to, the PSP sold 67,452 units compared to the Nintendo’s DS sales of 56,968 units for the week that ended on July 27. In fact, the PSP is still rocking so much booty that it outsold every console.

  1. PSP (67,452 units sold)
  2. Nintendo DS (56,968 units sold)
  3. Wii (41,024 units sold)
  4. PlayStation 3 (10,692 units sold)
  5. Playstation 2 (9,291 units sold)
  6. Xbox 360 (4,941 units sold)

If you ever needed confirmation why Square-Enix is not going to bother with a Japanese version of Final Fantasy XIII on the Xbox 360, these numbers might be why. I realize this has always been the trend, but it must really hit Microsoft in the gut to realize that substantially older hardware is still outselling the Xbox 360. That said, look at those handhelds still flying off the shelves. I wonder if people are just buying doubles, because I find it hard to believe that not everyone in Japan owns a DS or PSP at this rate.

Brad BradNicholson