PSP comes both first and last on sales chart, PSPgo fails

Further cementing the PSPgo’s status as a hideous and terrible mistake, the latest Japanese sales data has revealed that while the PSP-3000 and its cousins have topped the charts, the all-digital variant is slumming it at the bottom. Sony’s latest, greatest handheld is outclassed and outsold by its own family.

The PSP shifted 71,000 units this week. An impressive number, made all the more grand when compared to the pitiful 2,000 units sold by the PSPgo. Here are the full numbers for you to gawp at:

  • PSP – 71,186
  • Wii – 57,349
  • PS3 – 35,156
  • DSi LL – 30,418
  • DSi – 27,292
  • DS Lite – 6,574
  • Xbox 360 – 4,622
  • PS2 – 2,580
  • PSPgo – 2,027

Only Sony could be both a winner and a loser at the same time, so let us give the publisher a respectable golf clap. As for the PSPgo, I won’t be satisfied until Sony admits the whole thing was a tremendous screw-up and promises that it won’t happen again.

Jim Sterling