PSN is less juvenile than Xbox LIVE, says Zipper dude

Because of its popularity with the crass crowd, Zipper Interactive’s Ben Jones thinks of Microsoft’s Xbox LIVE service as “more juvenile” than PSN.

“I actually consider Xbox LIVE the more juvenile of the two,” Jones told GamerZines during an interview at the currently ongoing London-based MAG event. His reasoning is simple: assholes say the darndest things over LIVE. “Each service has its own posse,” he continued. “I think the PlayStation audience definitely fits more to our game [MAG].”

We’re guessing that his opinion will shift to somewhere in the middle if Sony manages to actually get a headset or two into PSN users hands. Until then, though, Jones totally has a point — LIVE subscribers hear and dish out a lot filth or idiocy over the service. LIVE users also pay for the pleasure of putting a parrot next to their Avatars. We’re actually having problems figuring out which is the worst of the two.

Zipper: Xbox Live “more juvenile” than PSN [GamerZines]


Brad BradNicholson